Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Pupcake Friday! August 7, 2009

Join Caninestein Dog Training for our first-ever Rex in the City Training Walk, a night on the town complete with a free Pupcake at the famous Three Dog Bakery in Sherman Oaks!

Friday, August 7, 2009 from 6:30-7:30pm with optional dog-friendly dinner to follow.

Sherman Oaks, CA. Exact meeting spot will be emailed to you upon registering.

Friendly dogs and the people who love them! BRING YOUR FRIENDS! Open to all dogs 4-months and older who are both people- and dog-friendly. Aggressive dogs may not participate, and dogs who exhibit aggressive behavior will be asked to leave the group.

Spend an evening with fellow dog-loving peeps! Socialize with old friends and make some new ones! Evenings out are a great way to provide your dog with important urban socialization and it's a wonderful opportunity to train around distractions. Let us show you how to bring out the GENIUS in your pet! New to training? We can help! Don't be shy... come on out and join the fun!

This Rex in the City Training Walk is being offered at the discounted rate of $10 per dog. Pre-registration is required. Participants must register no later than Wednesday, August 5th.

Register Online Via PayPal, below. By registering you agree to the following Release of Liability:

In consideration of being allowed to participate in this Caninestein Dog Training activity, I hereby release Stephanie Colman/Caninestein Dog Training, and any person acting on their behalf or at their request, from all liability for loss, damage or injury to me or my dog, and agree to hold harmless from all liability, damage, cost or expense (including all attorney fees), arising out of any claim, demand or action based upon any occurrence concerning myself, my guests or my dog. I understand that I alone am responsible for my dog’s behavior, and that I assume full liability for my dog’s actions. Further, I understand that based on my dog’s behavior at any given time, I may be asked to remove my dog from the group activity and in such case, no portion of my pre-paid tuition fee will be refunded to me.

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