Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pool Safety for Dogs!

As the summer temps climb, who doesn't like a refreshing dip in the pool?


  1. My family and I got a pool last summer. This summer we got a dog. It seems like another world to try to train dog not to get in the pool. It is like when we toss the football around, watch out for a flying Golden Retriever. How do we teach him not to jump in the pool?

    1. Hard to keep a Golden out of the pool, for sure. Most love water! BUT, there are times when we don't want the dog in the pool. However, training-wise, you'll have better luck focusing on what you want him TO do instead. Ex; When people are in the pool, he gets a frozen peanut butter bone on his dog bed, etc. Or manage the situation if you don't feel like training - i.e. keep him in the house when you want to enjoy some dog-free pool time.