Friday, August 2, 2013

A Most Incredible Gift...

I am blessed to know these amazing people.
Earlier this summer, an amazing thing happened.  My wonderful friends rallied together to raise the whopping $5,000 necessary to sponsor a puppy-in-training with Guide Dogs of America in memory of my sweet Quiz.

It's a lovely tribute to an amazing dog, and I am touched beyond belief by everyone's generosity.  The years I spent in partnership with Quiz changed my life in many ways, and it's an honor to think of a future pup, his namesake, growing up and ultimately helping to change the life of someone who is blind or visually impaired.

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We have yet to meet this Quiz, who we've decided to refer to as "Q2," but I've been in contact with Guide Dogs of America and they expect to identify and place our sponsored pup within the next couple of months.  As the pup's sponsor, we'll get regular updates from the puppy raisers ... very exciting!  I'm hoping the puppy raiser lives close enough that we'll get to visit!  And when "Q2" goes on to complete formal guide training and leads his or her partner across that Sylmar stage, you can bet we'll be there!

Stay tuned for updates on the adventures of Q2!