Company Information

Welcome to Caninestein Dog Training!

Time spent training your dog builds a lasting relationship and creates/replaces bad habits with good ones!  Caninestein Dog Training offers training for basic-advanced obedience, competition dog sports, problem-solving and much more.

I offer in-home private lessons, as well as group classes, taught in partnership with a wonderful, local training school, J9's K9s Dog Training.  

When I'm not training dogs, I'm often writing about training dogs!  My work is regularly published in The Whole Dog Journal and other notable dog-related publications.  I've covered everything from providing care for your pet when you need to travel, to the use of positive reinforcement in police-dog training .... and even anal sac issues!  (Yuck!)  You'll find a collection of my writing online.

I've participated in numerous dog sports with my dogs; shamelessly load my Instagram feed with their adorable mugs (follow us, I'm "Caninestein!"); and think the best form of therapy is a beach day with a dog, a well-rested arm and a Chuck-It toy!

I genuinely enjoy my dogs.  My goal is to help you enjoy yours, too.

Give me a call or shoot me an email.  Let's "talk dog."